Reverse Phone Lookup

You can find United States phone number informations.

When to Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services in the US?

If an unknown caller has ringed up your phone and you don’t know who they are, you have to use a specialized service of reverse phone lookup in US. This number may not be listed in phone directories or Whitepages and you have to find out the name and address of the user of specific contact number.

These services have bought access to the databases of several phone companies and mobile operators. They combine several sources of information and provide a capability to the users to look through the wide database which contains virtually all the numbers in the US. This database consists of unlisted numbers, landline numbers and cell phone numbers.

Reverse phone lookup is generally bound by the contracts with telephone operators, which restrict them from giving this information to anyone for free (especially for privacy reasons). This is why you have to register and pay for subscription using PayPal or credit card to use their services. This way, they can secure the information against illegal access and purposes like stalking. In addition, the phone companies charge users to access their databases at first. So, reverse phone lookup services are looking to recoup some costs by asking for a subscription fee.

What Information You May Get with Cell Phone Lookup? You may get the name and location of the cell phone owner. Some of these services provide other information like household members.

Is There Any Free Alternative? If you don’t want to pay for these services, you can go for some of the alternatives that may be helpful. You may easily lookup the phone number through phone books or whitepages, or use Google, Yahoo or other search engines. If there is unlisted number or cell phone, you are not likely to get any results as these details are not available in public.